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The perfect class for pilates babies! First time doing pilates or wanting to get back to basics? This class is the one for you. Learn the foundations of pilates with this beginner friendly class, come train your core & coordination with us!

Open Reformer

Been for a few classes but aren't ready to make the jump yet? Take our Open Reformer class! This class works your body in all planes of motion. The tower will also be used, allowing you to expand your Pilates repertoire.


Mat-ness with Motiv

New to Pilates? Mat-ness is the perfect beginner class. Focus on training movement patterns with abdominal control, body awareness & breathing techniques.

Stretch & Sculpt - Upper Body

Arms, Abs, Back! Tired from long hours of sitting at your computer? Let us stretch and sculpt your arms, abs, and back to keep your posture in check. We can't wait to see you standing taller after this class!

Stretch & Sculpt - Lower Body

Did someone say Leg Day? Strap on & lets work our legs, ass & core. Achieve that peachy bottom in no time.


Sweat with Motiv

Need a full body burn? This is the class for you. Challenge yourself and move like you've never before with Motiv.

Move with Motiv

Want a challenge or just love cardio? Welcome to coordination central. This cardio trampoline class works on coordination, core, and cardio. Get your heart pumping and muscles working in this super fun jump class.

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